Challenger has been in business since 1986 and is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality sports related items. Challenger manufactures the most complete line of coach's dry erase strategy boards in the industry. If we don't have your sports board we can create it for you. Challenger can private label boards with your store, school or association name. What a great way to advertise your clinic or tournament with private labeled boards for the occasion. Challenger also carries our own line of liquids. Our equipment deodorizer can be used on bags, helmets, shoes, equipment and clothing, anything that has an odor. Challenger anti-fog can be used on any visor, goggle, eyeglass, mirror and windshied; we challenge you to find a more effective product than this one. We also carry a toe protector for skates, which helps to keep them looking new for resale value.

Challenger distributes products for the sharpening and repair of ice skates. We carry a full line of sharpening stones, diamond dressers and hand held hone stones. The Challenger 2000 Riveter is lightweight (25 lbs.) and has been redesigned to handle large skates. We also carry a full line of rivets in silver, black and copper. Challenger also carries street hockey replacement blades, goal blades, pucks, balls and nets. Other accessories include butt ends, stick wax, laces, lace tightener, mouth guards, tape, medi-packs, cold packs, hockey score sheets, coach's note pads, anti-fatigue mats, safety goggles, blade straightner and glide pads.

Challenger products are sold at retailers throughout Canada, U.S.A., Japan, Italy, Switzerland and Russia. For more information about the dealer nearest you or if you are interested in carrying our products contact us by e-mail at or at the location listed below.

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